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Universally accessible, 24-hour, on demand, alternative fuel transport is the future of taxi service in Connecticut. That is the core operating principal of The Yellow Cab Company, Connecticut’s oldest taxi company founded in 1898. We provide reliable, timely, and safe universally accessible transportation services utilizing the latest technology including a digital dispatch system, online reservation services, complete in-car credit/debit card access, GPS tracking and camera surveillance.

Yellow Cab Company has partnered with leading technology companies to make ordering your cab as easy as downloading our app. Configured for both android and iPhone use, to learn more about our phone apps click here!

We provide curb to curb transportation for 17 towns in the Greater Hartford area in addition to student and wheelchair transportation services. Call us at (860) 666-6666 or use our online form to reserve your ride today!

Lost and Found: If you think you have lost a personal item in a Yellow Cab vehicle, please use our contact form to inquire about your item.

Yellow Cab Freedom Ride Program

Freedom Ride

The Yellow Cab Company and the Greater Hartford Transit District have created the Freedom Ride accessible taxi program to benefit eligible individuals who require on-demand accessible transportation service. The program operates 24/7 in the Greater Hartford area.

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The Yellow Cab Company is the transportation service provider of the Freedom Ride program. It does not administrate or determine eligibility. You MUST be qualified and registered with GHTD to use this program. Riders who wish to apply for the Freedom Ride Cash Voucher card may call the District at 860) 247-5329 x3100. The application form is on the GHTD website and accessible by clicking here.