Yellow Cab Adds GREEN to its Yellow Fleet!

April 25, 2011

The Yellow Cab Company of Hartford, the region’s largest cab company took delivery of 20 new Ford Transit Connect Vehicles. The taxis are engineered to run on Compressed Natural Gas. According to Peter Casarella of Connecticut’s Yankee Gas Company, the concept of running a taxi fleet on CNG is a trend first brought to this country by Yellow Cab Company president Marco Henry in the late 1990’s when taxi cabs running on CNG were unheard of.

According to a Popular Mechanics article written by Erik Sofge, “this could be a major turning point for the use of CNG in the United States, and the inevitable fracturing of the domestic fuel market into something closer to what’s seen in other parts of the world.” He goes on to explain “In South America and Southeast Asia, millions of cars already run on CNG. Other countries, such as Turkey, Italy and Sweden, have tens of thousands of CNG-powered vehicles, with varying amounts of refueling stations. The benefits of CNG are pretty clear–it burns cleaner than gas, producing some 30 percent less in emissions, and it tends to be cheaper.

Also, we get some 80 percent of our CNG domestically.”

According to the Department of Energy’s most recent estimate, the average price for the gas equivalent for fuel versus CNG was $1.86 per gallon.

That means The Yellow Cab Company of Greater Hartford is not only green from an environmental stand point and helping to reduce our dependency on foreign fuel, the company will save some green in the process.

For the Popular Mechanics article, please click here.