Yellow Cab Considers Legal Options

November 3, 2011 Media

Upon reviewing the stunning announcement made by the Connecticut Department of Transporation last week to deny 100 percent of the additional taxi licenses sought by the company, Yellow Cab Company management will pursue legal action.

The Yellow Cab Company of Bloomfield Response to DOT Decision:

The Yellow Cab Company does not agree with the ruling of the DOT. We feel strongly that the hearing officer made many mistakes and misinterpreted some of the testimony.

We will appeal the decision to the DOT and pursue legal action in Superior Court.

The Yellow Cab Company is committed to offering “full access” on-demand transportation to all residents within our territory. The Yellow Cab Company believes that ALL residents of Connecticut, regardless of access needs, should have access to on-demand transportation when they need it.

In applying for the additional taxi licensure, The Yellow Cab Company had hoped to expand this exceptional service to towns not served in the Greater Hartford area.

The Yellow Cab Company will proceed to replace its fleet with full access vehicles operating on clean burning fuel. (CNG) We are committed to offer clean, full access transportation to all.

Today, The Yellow Cab Company is operating at full capacity. Our intent in this undertaking was to provide additional new service with our cabs to towns currently not served while expanding accessible taxi transport in our current territory to individuals with limited mobility. Because of the negative DOT ruling, this may slow our service to our regular riders.

In light of the negative ruling by the Connecticut DOT, The Yellow Cab Company will appeal the decision and petition the CT DOT for more licenses in the territories we seek to serve and provide the same quick response service that our customers are accustomed to.