Compressed Natural Gas Fueling Station Grand Opening

December 12, 2011

The Yellow Cab Company serving 35 towns in the greater Hartford region celebrated the completion of it’s state-of-the-art compressed natural gas fueling station on December 9, 2011. Nearly 200 we in attendance at the historic ribbon cutting event.

“We are re-positioning our legacy to lead Connecticut’s clean energy solution in the transportation sector,” according to company president Marco Henry. An award-winning, innovative leader in the taxi business, The Yellow Cab Company’s Henry pioneered green taxi fleet technology in 1998. He was the first taxi fleet owner in the nation to convert Honda Civics to CNG through a federal/DOE Clean Cities grant.

As Henry celebrates a 20-year milestone as the company’s president, he looks to the future with promise. In addition to the CNG Honda Civics and CNG Ford Transit Connects he welcomes to his service fleet, Henry will soon provide Greater Hartford’s first wheelchair-accessible taxi rides. The company will debut a fleet of purpose- built, wheelchair- friendly, ADA compliant, low emission taxis known as the “MV-1” ready to serve the Disability Community.

“Universally accessible 24-hour, on-demand, alternative fuel transport can and should play a strategic role in building the transportation infrastructure of Connecticut. Our CNG-powered taxis will reduce overhead fuel costs, significantly lessen harmful emissions for the environment and reduce our overall dependency on foreign oil,” Henry added.

The new fuel station will serve anyone in the public operating a CNG vehicle. Throughout early 2012, The Yellow Cab Company will deploy 110 new CNG taxis as part of this ambitious project.