The Yellow Cab Company serving 17 towns in the Greater Hartford region has the most state of the art dispatch equipment available on the market today along with courteous and responsive staff for your transportation needs. Call us at (860) 666-6666 for fast, dependable taxi service.

The Yellow Cab Company was founded in 1898 and was incorporated in 1921. The Connecticut Department of Public Utilities issued The Yellow Cab Company Certificate #1, which is still in use today.

Prior to 1946, taxi drivers would go to telephones attached to poles around the Hartford area to get their fares. By the end of 1946, taxis were equipped with radios, and calls were dispatched from the Yellow Cab office on Jewell Court, now the home of the Hartford Ballet.

In 1982, headquarters for Yellow Cab had moved to Granby Street in Bloomfield, with state of the art offices and equipment.

Marco J.C. Henry joined The Yellow Cab Company in June, 1991 as President and CEO. Mr. Henry’s leadership has brought improvements to The Yellow Cab Company and the taxi industry in general with his formation of T.A.CT. (Taxicab Association of Connecticut), the involvement of The Yellow Cab Company in supporting M.A.D.D. (Mothers Against Drunk Driving), and joining the United Way for its annual Dial–A–Ride Program that provides safe (free) rides home on New Year’s Eve.

Mr. Henry is Vice President and Director of Capital Clean Cities of Connecticut, working together with public and private industry to help create a clean environment with new and innovative projects.

On December 9, 2011, The Yellow Cab Company ushered in a new era of green taxi transportation. The company replaced its fleet with natural gas vehicles to reduce pollution and offer CNG fueling services to area fleet owners with a public fueling station on its Bloomfield headquarters property.

Historic Highlights:

  • In 1898, when Daniel Cotter started The Yellow Cab Company in Hartford, Connecticut, horse and carriage taxis were the order of the day.
  • By 1908, The Yellow Cab Company had introduced gasoline vehicles.
  • In 1921, The Yellow Cab Company was incorporated under the Connecticut Department of Public Utilities and issued Certificate #1.
  • Seventy years later, in 1991, The Yellow Cab Company was purchased by its current President and owner, Marco Henry.
  • On September 25, 1998, the first fleet of six dedicated natural gas Honda Civics took to the streets with positive public response.
  • In January 1999, an additional 25 CNG-powered Honda Civics were added making one-third of the fleet virtually pollution free!
  • In 2010, The Yellow Cab Company, with help from a Department of Energy grant under the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act, took the ambitious steps of replacing old inventory and adding some new taxis to his fleet with 110 new CNG-powered vehicles.
  • On December 9, 2011, a Grand Opening ceremony was held at The Yellow Cab Company‘s Bloomfield Headquarters commissioning the new CNG fueling station and fleet of green vehicles.