Phone App 411

The Yellow Cab Company is the first cab company to bring 21st Century technology to cab service in Greater Hartford.

Popular mobile phone trends have show that users want on-demand cab service at the touch of their phone. We have partnered with industry leader Mobile Knowledge and their Taxi Hail product to bring you customized mobile software that is facilitated by our YCC Global Positioning System (GPS).

We’re also introducing web-booking; this will give our customers the ability to schedule one of our cabs on line, right from their computer screen or phone!  In addition this new feature allows instant voice recognition (IVR) technology.

The Yellow Cab Company is joining numerous cities around the U.S. successfully using mobile taxi dispatching!  From the touch of your smart phone you can have access to Yellow Cab taxi service the way you want it…

 On-Demand !

How Does the Yellow Cab App Work?

The Yellow Cab Company mobile App can be used on an android or iPhone (iOS 4.3 or later). Both mobile phones have the ability to connect to the internet via a data network or via wireless.

Our Yellow Cab Company logo will appear on the screen of a user’s phone. One need only tap on the icon and the message “locate me” will appear. Using GPS technology, the Yellow Cab Company Mobile App will automatically locate the customer and will prompt the user for an address if the passenger would like to be picked up from somewhere other than where one is currently located.

Next, the taxi booking technology will ask for the date and time of pickup and any specific driver note (e.g. “pick me up at the west side of Trumbull Street”). The user will be prompted via a map-view screen to drop a pin button at their preferred pick-up location. Once confirmed by the customer by the touch of an icon, a trip request will immediately be sent to The Yellow Cab Company and the customer will be notified of the cab number en route to their pickup location.