We’re Green

For almost a decade, The Yellow Cab Company has been recycling its own used motor oil. The company recycles approximately 6420 Quarts a year. The recycled motor oil is then used to heat the auto service area. In addition, approximately 2568 quarts of transmission fluid are recycled every year.

  • Our service department takes pride in recycling the company’s used oil filters and anti-freeze.
  • All aged batteries at The Yellow Cab Company are returned to the local auto parts store.
  • All scrap metal is recycled.

Reducing our carbon footprint is at the forefront of all we do at The Yellow Cab Company.

“In 2012 the Yellow Cab CNG fleet is expected to displace about a half-million gallons of gasoline per year, and the environmental gains will only go up from there,” says Lee Grannis Coordinator of the Greater New Haven Clean Cities Coalition and recipient of the USDOE Future Fuels Project grant.

That equates to about 10 million pounds of carbon dioxide, according to the Environmental Protection Agency. In addition, replacing 110 gasoline taxicabs with new clean-burning CNG cabs will remove more than 2,500 tons of greenhouse gases annually.

Compressed Natural Gas is the cleanest alternative fuel available, reducing tailpipe emissions by anywhere from 35 to 95 percent. Cars already using natural gas have about 90-percent cleaner emissions than their counterparts. Compressed Natural Gas is cheaper per gallon. Natural gas will also reduce our imports and dependence on foreign oil.