Prepaid Cards

The Yellow Cab Company is Proud to offer three valuable options for a cashless cab ride in the Greater Hartford region. We offer a Gift Card, a Corporate Card and the Freedom Ride card for eligible participants in the Greater Hartford Transit District Program.

Give the Gift of a Yellow Cab Lift: Our Gift Card

The Yellow Cab Company GIFT CARD is the perfect gift for your favorite someone who is always “on the go!”

  • It is the ideal gift for the college student away from home
  • The card suits a variety of transportation needs and lifestyles- avoid parking, a ride when you need it!
  • The card allows for safe travel – there’s no need to carry cash!
  • Yellow Cab Gift Cards are available in any amount, starting at $25.00
  • Funds are replenishable online

The Yellow Cab Company provides this convenience at no cost to you!

We’re at Your Service: Our Corporate Card

The Yellow Cab Company services a variety of corporate, partnership and individual accounts. The YELLOW CAB COMPANY CORPORATE CARD is available to anyone that you designate and authorize to utilize taxi transportation with The Yellow Cab Company through this preferred service.

The bearer simply presents the card to the Yellow Cab Taxi driver at the time of payment. The driver will swipe the card and the fare will be added to the account balance to be paid at the end of each month.

We offer a variety of features for use with our corporate card.

  • Option to select authorized users
  • We offer trackable personal cards with adjustable security parameters
  • Detailed ride-log for each authorized cardholder
  • No-cash transportation, 24/7
  • Driver’s Tip can be automatically included
  • Preferred service

Universal Access Transportation: Our Freedom Ride Debit Card

We offer wheelchair-accessible taxi service and in addition, participate in the Greater Hartford Transit District Freedom Fund program for eligible riders.

If you are currently certified as an ADA eligible rider, you will be eligible for the Voucher Program, based upon the conditions of your certification. For clarification of your status, to determine eligibility or apply for the Freedom Ride voucher card, contact Greater Hartford Transit District (the “District”) at (860) 247-5329 extension 3100. The ADA staff will interview individuals for the Freedom Ride Taxi Voucher Program as part of the overall application process. Program information may be viewed on our website by clicking here or by visiting the website: