Meter Drop
$3.00 for First 1/9 Mile

$0.30 for each Additional 1/9 Mile

Waiting Time
$0.30 for every 30 Seconds or $36.00 per Hour

Rates are applicable for travel within Connecticut only.

Our cab drivers accept cash and credit card payments. All taxicabs have card readers for immediate transactions.

Calculate Your Fare

To estimate your fare, enter a town, a place, or an address for your starting and ending points.

Please Note:
The cab fare calculator is supplied as a courtesy to our customers and is to be used for estimate purposes only. Actual cab fare may be different (higher or lower) due to wait times, traffic conditions, weather delays, and alternate routes.

For Wheelchair Riders:
The calculator is provided as a courtesy and only measures distance from location to location based on map coordinates. The calculator does not compute the metered time it takes for a driver to service and secure the passenger and wheelchair safely in the vehicle upon entry and exit.